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With its clear, turquoise water, shallow sand islands and small fishing villages, the Zanzibar archipelago is a dream holiday destination to escape reality!

Photo by Humphrey Muleba
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

The island lies only about 24 kilometres off the Tanzanian Atlantic coast in the Indian Ocean. Due to its location south of the equator, the climate is particularly tropical. The best time to visit the island is from June to October, during the cool, dry months. Between December and February, temperatures are hot and relatively dry. The rainy season usually lasts from March to May and from November to December.

Spice plantations

Zanzibar is famous for its spice island. Experience the local flavours on a guided tour of a farming village, such as Tangawizi or Kidichi. Explore the spice farms with an experienced guide who will educate you about African farming methods and introduce you to the wide range of spices produced and marketed on Zanzibar.

The following spices are still grown on the island: cloves, vanilla, cocoa, green pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, lemongrass, achiote tree (annatto) and many more. Included in most tours is a lunch where you have the opportunity to taste different spices and fresh exotic fruits that are in season.

The most popular beaches in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a peaceful beach paradise with soft white sands and shimmering blue waters dotted with picturesque traditional fishing boats. Along the east coast, we recommend going to Jambiani, Paje or Uroa Bay. The most beautiful beaches in the north of the island include Matemwe, Nungwi and Kendwa. The village of Nungwi is known for its traditional dhow building.

Island hopping

Just off the Zanzibari coast are a series of small islands that offer secluded and remote beach fun. Visit the Pemba Islands or one of the small, almost deserted islands of the Zanzibar archipelago (e.g. Tumbatu, Chapwani or Bawe). Chumbe Island Coral Park contains a coral reef nature reserve and a forest reserve that preserves rare wildlife. The coral reefs of Mnemba Island and the atoll in the marine reserve are spectacular.

Take a sailing trip to Prison Island (Changuu) and visit the former cells that serve as shelter for the large tortoises. In the 1860s, this island functioned as a detention centre for rebellious slaves and later as a quarantine station for yellow fever cases. You can also visit one of the sandbank islands such as Pange or Nyange.

Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe)

The old part of Zanzibar Town, Stone Town, was a centre of the spice as well as the slave trade in the 19th century. You may want to visit the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe), which was built using traditional Zanzibari coral fabric, and stock up on fruit at the Darajani Bazaar. Stroll through the narrow, winding streets to see Freddie Mercury’s house and the Persian baths of Hamamni.

Visit the museum in the former Sultan’s Palace (Beit el-Sahel) to learn more about Zanzibar’s Ottoman history.

Don’t miss the ruins of the Mtoni Palace (Beit el Mtoni), the birthplace of the famous Arab princess Salme, who fell in love with a German merchant and eloped with him.

You can also visit the highly decorated Old Pharmacy and the House of Miracles (Beit al-Ajaib), which was the first building on the island of Zanzibar to have electricity and a lift.

The cuisine of Zanzibar

Zanzibari cuisine is a confluence of different culinary traditions, including Bantu, Arabic, Portuguese, Indian, British and even Chinese. At the Street Food Night Market in Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town, you can buy Zanzibari and Swahili delicacies such as grilled seafood, meat skewers, samosas and the “Zanzibar Pizza” – a mixture of vegetables, mayo and egg in deep-fried dough.

While in Zanzibar, it is recommended to try the traditional pilau, which is usually goose meat cooked with potatoes, onions, spices, coconut milk and rice. Also popular are fish masala, steamed bananas and kachumbari salad. Also sample spiced tea and Arabic coffee with regional sweets (e.g. Kashata and Halua).

Trip dates:

25 September – 5 December 2022

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Departures every Sunday, returns every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


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Etihad Airways

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One piece of checked baggage and one piece of hand luggage per passenger

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