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Stockholm is a city with an incredibly interesting history, and although it is the largest city in Scandinavia, it retains a peaceful atmosphere with wonderful Swedish architecture and the natural beauty of the surrounding sea. It consists of fourteen islands and offers countless things to do with its museums, parks and historic streets and buildings.

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Stockholm places great emphasis on sustainability, tradition and innovation, and these aspects are also reflected in the cuisine. Here are some traditional Swedish dishes and ingredients you should try: Köttbullar, pickled or fried herring, ragmunk with lingonberries, kroppkako, gravlax and kanelbullar. Enjoy these culinary specialities on your trip.

Travelling by taxi gets expensive very quickly, so if you want to save money, be sure to take the metro. The Stockholm metro has been called “the world’s longest art gallery”. 90 of the 100 stations have been decorated with paintings, mosaics and sculptures since the 1950s. As you can see, the rides are immensely worthwhile.

Of course, Stockholm is not only about food and art. The city itself also has an old-fashioned Scandinavian charm and with its 14 islands, there are plenty of sights to discover at every turn. An absolute must in Stockholm – get out on the water – it doesn’t matter if you go by ferry or sailboat. The city also offers stunning museums, architecture and nature parks. Have fun with these top activities in Stockholm!

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April to June 2022

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  • 02 April – 06 April 2022
  • 27 April – 04 May 2022
  • 04 May – 11 May 2022
  • 08 June – 15 June 2022

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Flights from Vienna to Stockholm
Flights from Vienna to Stockholm