Am autofreien Tag wird der Fahrschein zum Tagesticket

Commuters & tourists watch out!

On the car-free day, the ticket becomes a day ticket. The aim of the campaign is to motivate people to switch to public transport. In other words: unlimited travel on Vienna’s public transport system for only € 2.40 all Tuesday (22.09.2020) until the end of operations.

International Car Free Day is celebrated on the last day of European Mobility Week. Wiener Linien are also taking part and want to motivate people to switch to environmentally friendly public transport. On the car-free day, the ticket becomes a day ticket. This applies to the entire Verkehrsverbund Ostregion (VOR) and also on the Badner Bahn route – one of the most important commuter connections between southern Vienna and Lower Austria – this offer can be used.

The car-free day is the ideal opportunity to do without the car, leave it in a park and ride car park and get to know public transport as an environmentally friendly alternative. Because traveling by train protects the climate and thus the environment. The emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) can be massively reduced as a result.

Do something good for the environment

Data from the Austrian Transport Club (VCÖ) shows how much CO2 can be saved annually if a person leaves their car to go to work and instead takes the train. According to the latest customer survey by Wiener Lokalbahnen, 51 percent of passengers use the Badner Bahn to get to work. For example, anyone who commutes from Baden to Wiener Neudorf with the Badner Bahn avoids around 940 kilograms of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the amount of CO2 caused by 355 liters of diesel.

On the route from Baden to Vösendorf, 1,170 kg of CO2 are saved every year if you take the Badner Bahn instead of the car. From Baden to Vienna, a commuting passenger with the Badner Bahn saves 1,620 kg of CO2 compared to the car. This corresponds to the amount of CO2 of over 600 liters of diesel per year.

We recommend: Leave the car at the Parktiger Park and Ride Vienna Heiligenstadt (only € 3.99 / day) and then spend the whole day driving around Vienna for just € 2.40 🙂

You can find more information about the European Mobility Week here .

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