The Parktiger parking lot at the Vienna International Airport has also received very positive feedback from press and newspapers:

Daily Newspaper “Heute“

Start Up offers cheap airport parking

The Start Up “Parktiger” wants to fight against the horrendous prices for parking at the Vienna International Airport and offers low budget parking spaces in Schwechat.

Parking at the Vienna International Airport is expensive, very expensive. In the cheapest car park directly at the airport you pay 25 euros for just one day. Even if you want to park on other parking lots in the area, the prices for parking are of ten only minimally cheaper than flying itself.

Dennis Müller-Lehmann wants to fight now against these ridiculous prices and opened a parking lot in Schwechat directly next to the train station. “The ultimate goal is to keep prices as low as possible,” he explains. On the Parktiger parking lot (Eisteichstraße 20 in Schwechat) you pay only 4 euros a day, you cannot find a comparable offer in the region of the Vienna International Airport.

The car park currently offers 80 parking spaces, which must be booked in advance and which are monitored regularly. If necessary, the number of parking spaces can be extended. Customers can choose the commuter train or taxi to go to the airport. The reason for founding the start-up was that Müller-Lehmann was annoyed by the high parking prices on many of his own travels.

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News of lower Austria

“Parktiger“ is appealing to commuters

Alternative? | Operator believes to be relieving on the parking space misery at the train station.

SCHWECHAT | The precarious parking situation at the train station is well known to commuters. A private operator wants to help here now. Dennis Müller has leased a 16,000 m2 area on Eisteichstraße 20 not far from the railway underpass. Since the beginning of January, the Viennese has been operating his start-up “Parktiger”, where you can park your car for only four euros per day. “I am convinced that it is equally interesting for both commuters and passengers travelling from the Vienna International Airport,” Müller explains in an interview with NÖN. The transfer only costs 1.70 euros with the commuter train to the airport. “You can book your parking space online, paying by Paypal, Sofort or credit card,” he explains. The young entrepreneur has worked on the idea for “three to four years”, but he has not found a suitable area for a long time. In Schwechat he wants to start now, even if the project is still part-time. Incidentally, Parktiger is currently a family business because his brother is responsible for controlling the parking lot.

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Bezirksblätter local news

Start-Up as a rescuer in the parking drama.

Who drives with the car to the Vienna airport Schwechat has another parking opportunity to choose from since last year.

Since August 2017, the Viennese start-up M18 GmbH has been offering parking spaces for only 4, – Euro per day in Eisteichstraße 20, Schwechat. Customers can book a parking space online and pay by credit card, Paypal or Sofort. The verification takes place directly at the parking lot via the license plate. The parking lot is located directly next to the commuter train station, with which one reaches the airport within six minutes. The journey by taxi or UBER takes about seven minutes. Founder Dennis Müller travels very much and often and came up with the idea after he was angry himself on a trip about the expensive parking fees at the Vienna International Airport.

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